Lighting consultancy

Both inside and outside of buildings, proper lighting constitutes one of the most important elements. Even with fine finishing and a nice layout, without the appropriate lighting, the desired effect is hard to find.
Professional consultancy concerning lighting, in addition to a detailed study of design requirements constitute genuine added value.

Both for internal and external lighting, our vast offer allows us to give your residence and/or office space the ideal character, adapted to its style. In order to undertake a lighting study, our Lightpoint Team works in line with a very strict and well considered approach.


Since each residence or project is unique, we take due consideration of certain desires or preferences:

  • Materials and colours used
  • Determining the ambience
  • Commercial culture
  • Layout.
  • Etc...

On the basis of such factors, we outline the type and intensity of lighting required. This all guarantees the desired result from the lighting study.

Our expansive showroom provides an oversight of many different lighting options. The demonstration material allows us to showcase different types of light intensity and heat generated as well as showing the ambiance created, in order to allow clients to better imagine themselves in the given situation.

The commitment of Lightpoint Europe does not stop at the point of sale.

Both during and after sales, the relations developed by the Lightpoint Team in the framework of a project with a project manager – design consultancy, architectural firm, electrical fitter, etc. – is, in most cases, just as lasting as the lighting material itself.

When the project is undertaken pursuant to directives, Lightpoint Europe stands as a guarantor of the quality.

Are you interested in collaborating with us to plan your lighting requirements?

Alongside a designed from the Lightpoint Team, you can discuss the layout of your space requiring lighting on the basis of designs, sketches and photographic modeling.

If you not only wish to know everything concerning your lighting at home or at work, but also how to genuinely improve this (or have this improved), the Lightpoint team can develop a lighting plan bespoke to your needs.

A lighting plan will indicate, for each given space, the type of lighting which will best suit, given your personal requirements and lifestyle. The plan additionally includes a selection of surrounds, photos as well as necessary technical information.

Our lighting studies are entirely free.

We do, however, ask for a down payment for the lighting project = 300,-€. This amount is then deducted from the total when there is a minimum of 50% ordered from the agreed offer.

During your visit, please provide the Lightpoint Team with the following:

  • Plan, views and cross-sections
  • An interior plan, where applicable
  • Photos
  • Paint and/or material samples

Examples of a light study


Lichtstudie gelijkvloers Lichtstudie verdiep -1


Grafische-prijsofferte_Page Grafische-prijsofferte_Page_2


plakboek_Page_1 plakboek_Page_2

Technical sheet

Technische-fiche_Page_1 Technische-fiche_Page_2